Apply for family literacy grants totaling $150,000

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Scripps Howard Foundation, Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Duke Energy Foundation and WCPO Channel 9 on Your Side are continuing their charge to break the cycle of poverty through literacy. The organizations are leveraging resources to provide $150,000 in grants nonprofit that supports family literacy in impoverished neighborhoods in Greater Cincinnati. 

A grant of $100,000 will be awarded to a single nonprofit that empowers parents with skills, confidence and tools to help their children develop emergent literacy and language skills from birth through pre-K. The program must be ongoing, serve families living in poverty, and develop deep relationships with parents.

A grant of $50,000 will be awarded to a finalist.

Nonprofits can learn more and begin the application process here.

Education is the pathway out of poverty. Greater Cincinnati is ranked No. 4 nationally in child poverty, with nearly half of children estimated to be living below the federal poverty level, according to The National Center for Children in Poverty.

Research shows that the negative effects of children growing up in poverty can be significantly impacted through early childhood interventions, including family literacy. Children raised in homes that promote family literacy grow up to be better readers and do better in school than children raised in homes where literacy is not promoted, leading to their long-term success in school and life.

For purposes of this grant, a family is defined as an adult(s) – parent, grandparent, foster parent, guardian – who lives with and cares for a child(ren). Preference will be given to nonprofits that integrate strategies to help families help their children with literacy.